$39.95 (20-40 uses)
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 Have Great Sex Again

  Vaginal Lubricant

 Enhances Sexual Pleasure

 Organic & Edible

 Smells Delicious

 20-40 uses per jar

 Feels Silky & Smooth

 Anti-Fungal Anti-Bacterial 

 Promotes Arousal & Orgasm

 For Passion & Pleasure

 Women & Men 


 Use with a partner or alone

 Safe for Sex Toys

 Soothes Sexual Pain

 Easy to use















And a few words from some of our clients on our newest version...

"Thank you for the NEW and IMPROVED Sex Butter! It's AMAZING! I didn't think it could get any better... you're a sorceress!" Elle Lady Cheeky, Sex Product Reviewer, Los Angeles, CA (female)

"Delicious and sensual!!! Sex Butter is perfect for steamy sex on cold winter nights. Love your product! Kristal Mae, Certified Sex Therapist, Denver, CO (female)

"Sex Butter gets the job done! A sensual product that allows pleasureable capacity to flow just like butter.  I would recommend this to anyone and let the fun begin!" Logan Mohtashami, Irvine CA (male)

"I really like the NEW Sex Butter.. REALLY like it! I never want to run out again... the use of any other lube is just not doable. Sex Butter is so much better!" Nanz Z., San Diego, CA (female)

"I have loved Sex Butter from the very first time I tried it. My first impression was WOW!!! But this new formula... DOUBLE WOW!! Not to mention, my man LOOOOVES IT! It is THE BEST!!" Kena Mendez (female)

"Your product - the best. If anyone isn't using it they are missing out big time!!!" Tamara Elizabeth (female)

"I just wanted to let you know that I purchased Sex Butter from your site and we absolutely love it! It's not messy to use like other lubricants and it is very silky, creamy, pleasantly tingly and it is NOT STICKY! I am a menopausal woman and it is great for dryness. I also like the fact that it is natural and edible. My husband loves it too! Sex Butter is wonderful and we will definitely be buying more. Thanks for such a wonderful product." Pam (female)

"I used to have problems completing orgasm due to certain medications I take. It would either take more than 30 minutes or never happen at all. This was very frustrating for me. After trying Sex Butter, I was able to have an orgasm like when I was in my 30s again! It comes in a very classy container and smells so good. My orgasms have been very intense since I have been using Sex Butter and when I think of sex I think of the scent of Sex Butter. It has not failed me yet!! Now I look forward to that sexual release with the help of Sex Butter." Mark N., CA (male)















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Sex Butter made of organic essential oil free of parabens and no other harmful chemicals; created for women, to increase female orgasm, & passion. Natural organic personal lubricants, for vaginal dryness, due to perimenopause & menopause. Can be used for erotic sensual massage & to make intimacy, intercourse, and sex more fun & enjoyable. Personal natural lubricant, that brings sexual enhancement. Amida Essence Oil, for manifestation and perfume oil, is bringing beauty into your life.*

*Sex Butter is not intended to be used as a diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.  Sex Butter has healing properties, but we do not make any claims to be a cure for any condition.  All medical decisions should be made with the help of your private practitioner, if you have a medical condition or need medical care or are on medication, please consult your physician.  Sex Butter does not prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease, please use all appropriate preventive measures while engaging in sexual activity.

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